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Developmental audio weaponry
in the fields of surgical editing
complex sound design and
body disintegration beats
WiseLabs Bass Music Library
brings you 150 monster Harmor presets

Perfect for explosive Dubstep, Electro and Drum & Bass
As well as experimentation in other styles

Raw sub bass, screaming leads and throbbing wobbles cut through the mix

Dissect 3 demonstration projects to see examples of how the presets can be used in complete productions

The preset sounds are royalty free and can be used in any of your own commercial productions


Justice EP

Next EP to be released

Release date : TBA






FL Studio Demo Track

Project file/FLP included.since 12.3


Bass Music Harmor Presets

Listen 3 demonstration projects for examples of how the presets can be used in complete productions.



43 patcher presets included with all editions of FL Studio

A wide range of effects and utilities from the most basic and useful devices like the 1K Series (one knob effects) or Vowelit (Vowel Filter)

to more advanced processing units such as AfterMath PRO (Advanced Multiband Distortion & Compressor/Limiter) or DrFX (Multi Effect Sequencer).

Be sure to UPDATE FL STUDIO to the latest version,

there might be just be what you've been looking for to add to your productions

and develop further your sound design !


1K Chorus
1K Compressor •
1K Crusher •
1K Delay •
1K Detuner •
1K Distortion •
1K Expander •
1K Filter •
1K Gater •
1K Limiter •
1K Phaser •
1K Reverb •

• Range of One Knob Effects

1KMB Compressor •
1KMB Expander •
1KMB Gater •
1KMB Limiter •
• Range of One Knob Effects  (Multiband Processing)

3xciter •

• Multiband Exciter

AfterMath •


• SOLO : Multiband Distortion

• DUO : Dual-Channel Multiband Distortion

• PRO : Advanced Multiband Distortion + Compressor/Expander

Albinaur •

• Binaural Placement Tool + Stereoizer

AmpCab •

• Guitar Amp Model Control Room

AudioMorpher •

• 20 Band Sefl-Morpher + Stereo Tool

BandMod •

• LITE : Miltiband Modulation

• PRO : Advanced Multiband Modulation

ChStrip •

• Channel Strip Mixing Tool


• Multi Effect MIDI Sequencer

Dynasto •

• Multiband Dynamic Distortion

Envergure •

• Multiband Stereo Separation Tool


• Guitar Amp Simulator

Kroko •

• Multiband Gate Sequencer + Effects Tool

Liberator •

• SOLO : Multiband Expander + Limiter
• DUO : Dual-Channel Multiband Expander + Limiter

Muefco •

• Multi Effector Controller

MultiSeq •

• Multi Effect Step Sequencer

Noteq •

• Note EQ

Opressor •

• SOLO : Multiband Compressor + Limiter
• DUO : Dual-Channel Multiband Compressor + Limiter

Parallaux •

• Auxilliary/Return Effects Mixing Tool

PJM4 •

• 4 Track DJ Mixer

Vowelit •

• Vowel Filter

X6 Reverb •

• Stereo Multi Reverb

X8 Delay •

• Stereo Delay Bank Controller